Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Download Music MP3

The music business has changed since the advent of the Internet, where you can download music mp3. The record companies have tried their best to scare people out of this practice. They have even taken people to court, claiming they are protecting the rights of the artists to collect their royalties.
Of course, the record companies only interests have been in their own greed, which is substantial to say the least. When a musical artist signs a contract with a label, they record in that companies studios, using that companies record producers. This runs up an incredible bill for the artist or band and this all comes back out of the royalties first. This means the artist or band collects no money until they pay back the record company. The record company is getting not only the revenue from the record sales but also the artist’s ten or fifteen percent royalty.

According to the book Making Money Making Music: No Matter Where You Live by James Dearing, a group or artist who had a contract with a major label and whose records went platinum would only go into debt to their label about fifty thousand dollars! This is somewhat older information, so it’s probably much worse by now.
Now, the artist or band has a contract with the label and this label has every legal right to collect its money and not get bypassed when people download music mp3 and don’t pay for it.
In his book, Mr. Dearing suggests right on down the line that artists and bands cut out the middlemen, i.e., the labels and agents. This is exactly what has been going on, of course; un-signed artists have been recording and distributing their own material for perfectly good reasons.

That means that, when you download music mp3 from indie artists or un-signed bands, the money is going right to the artist or band as it should. And you should pay when you download music mp3 to support this new business model if you want to have a freedom of choice about the music you listen to because the big labels are certainly not going to give that to you.
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