Thursday, July 23, 2015

Get An MP3 Song Download Of Rhapsody In Black

Sign-up for Dizzy’s Fan Mail and get a free mp3 song download of "Breakout No.2,” one of Dizzy O’Brian’s most popular instrumental tracks. It has received over a thousand likes on music sites. This track features jazz piano and band and is a very up-tempo tune.
Dizzy O’Brian is a fusion composer who melds pop and classical elements seamlessly into a new musical genre that is attracting thousands of fans across the net. For more information on how he became the unique musical artist that he is today, check out his article;
listen to music by Dizzy O’Brian.
As a subscriber to Dizzy’s Fan Mail, priority previews of upcoming materials and free downloads. You will be the first to find out about all his musical activities with behind the scenes looks.
Meanwhile, you will want to get familiar with the music from Dizzy’s first three albums;
  • ·      Charm City. This album contains Rhapsody in Black and many other pop/fusion instrumental tracks. Charm City refers, of course, to Baltimore, where Dizzy went to music school and played in the clubs there. There were many strange and curious times. One track, however, was written when Dizzy was a teenager.
  • ·      Tea with the Alien. This is an album of very abstract and descriptive music, as the title suggests. Despite its very abstract quality, some of the tracks have been consistently been at the top of the charts different music sites.
  • ·      4 Good Measure. The new album release, which pushes the envelope on the pop/classical fusion style of Charm City. Released in response to the feedback on Charm City and the demand for more of the same.

 Fans have said the music is addicting and they listen to it over and over and recommend it to their friends. If you haven’t yet, you should listen to music by Dizzy O’Brian and you can start right here by getting a free mp3 download when you sign-up for Dizzy’s Fan Mail.

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