Thursday, July 30, 2015

Music Videos From Dizzy O'Brian

      See the latest music videos from Dizzy O’Brian on his YouTube Channel.  There are currently several new music videos for you to watch and enjoy;
These videos offer a sampling from the three latest albums; Charm City, Tea with the Alien and 4 Good Measure. Dizzy O’Brian is a musical artist who works in a fusion of musical styles, freely melding pop and classical genres together. Charm City, the first album, is a collection of very pop oriented instrumental tracks that has attracted thousands of fans on the Internet. “Rhapsody in Black” is the most popular of these tracks. This is probably one of the most traditionally jazz oriented tracks, featuring Dizzy’s jazz piano stylings and jazz band.
 “A Dragon” is also very jazz-like, with jazz flute being featured but this one has a distinctly exotic and Latin feel.
“Sailing” is a good-time tune, featuring rock guitar and saxophone, inspired by days of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. ‘Charm City’ is, of course, a reference to Baltimore, where Dizzy spent his younger days in music school and playing in clubs. His experiences in Baltimore were unique as the city itself but also quite universal, so it can be up to the listener to discover how the musical trip relates to him or herself.
“The Dimensional Badinage” is from the album Tea with the Alien, a very abstract collection of more orchestral sounding tracks but still mixing in modern elements of drums and electric guitars.
“Kosmic Rain” is from the album 4 Good Measure which is a return to the more pop oriented sounds of Charm City created from the request for more of this from the fans. This album, however, is more pop rock oriented and features electric guitar much more. It uses the distinctive sound of a duo of electric guitars in a number of the tracks. “Kosmic Rain” is one of the more relaxed numbers from this album of mostly upbeat tracks, so enjoy these music videos.

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