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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The OYES Movement

It occurs to me that I need to take responsibility for the condition our culture is in. It’s not that there’s nothing good going on; it’s embarrassing for me to admit that there is quite a lot of stuff going on that I enjoy. Of course, I wouldn’t be who I am, if that wasn’t the case. One cannot live in the past and say that they are truly alive, and it is my nature to seek out things that I enjoy in the present time.
It’s just that things have shifted, there can be no doubt of this, and what’s needed are sign posts put up to point the way so that things continue in the direction that was intended.
To this end, I am founding a new movement called the OYES Movement. OYES is an acronym for “On Your Ever-lovin’ Shoulders,’ which derives from the phrase “The movement you need is on your shoulders,” from the song “Hey Jude.”
As will be seen this movement is the finale; the movement to end all movements.
Now obviously the OYES Movement is about thinking for yourself. Unfortunately, people seem ill prepared for such a task; sort of like some of the scenes out of The Life Of Brian, and all the people who became Minimalists after reading its political manifesto.
People believe that they think for themselves but the average person gets his opinions from ‘Authorities’; The Church, The Media, The News, Critics and other Talking Heads and even Friends.  This is actually quite a problem because none of these Sources is giving out the Straight Un-Biased Dope.
To straighten The Way, the OYES Movement will have a User’s Manuel on Thinking For Yourself. It’s in the form of a Code or Manifesto and here is its first draft.
  1. My own opinions, as an individual are what really matter.
  2. I take responsibility for my opinions by doing my best to make sure that they are informed opinions.
  3. I am not necessarily satisfied with taking my information from the first ‘Authority’ that presents itself, but question this information and look ever deeper until I am satisfied I have the actual source of the information.
  4. The OYES Movement tends to view the obvious ‘Authorities;’ The Church, The Media, The News, Critics and other Talking Heads and even Friends as questionable at best.
  5. I know that, if I dig deep enough and arrive at the Relative Truth of something, then I am the only ‘Authority’ that matters.
  6. I will not be intimidated or thrown off by any ‘Authority’ once I am satisfied that my conviction is correct.

In future post, we will take up how this applies to music and art, in general.

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