Sunday, March 3, 2019

Volunteer World Art Day Ambassadors wanted

Artists for A Better World International member, Becky Mate, founded an international holiday for the Arts in 1998, aptly called Art Day to acknowledge the importance of the artist in the creation of a better world through aesthetics. It is now celebrated in conjunction with World Art Day on April 15th, Leonardo DaVinci’s birth date. 
Every year Becky hosts Art Day celebrations at her home and attracted local artists of all disciplines.  There are art displays, open mic, arts and crafts for kids, gifts of art given by the artists, good food and more. What is valued more is YOUR VISION for World Art Day by all artists creating the holiday in their own imaginative way. It could be a local event, party, or even just families and friends sharing art together. In the past there have been Art Day celebrations as far away as India and Puerto Rico. Artists have been very thankful for taking part in such events and have even felt more validated, then wanting to put more energy into their art.
Mayors of Glendale, CA even proclaimed Art Day for 6 years in a row.
Imagine a day dedicated to the global community of artists. Imagine people celebrating this day with as much fervor as they celebrate other major holidays.
Essentially, Art Day safepoints the artist. In other words, you are not under attack for being an artist, in fact you are valued. And it is safe and very much needed for you to create what YOU want to create. It is a simple concept but a phenomenal one.
To see past Art Day events and activities go to – Art Day tab, and scroll down to  “Art Day Events and Activities.”
If you are interested, you may see the hat on “How to Throw an Awesome Art Day Party” (which lays out the duties needed for a party across the organizing board.)

For more info contact: Becky Mate –  818-692-2333

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