Monday, March 30, 2020

Being The Superstar You Truly Are

Being The Superstar You Truly Are

So what have I been doing with my lockdown time? Well, reading, writing, playing music; basically what I do all the time but now a bit more of it. There’s been room for a few additions. For example I’ve taken up Tai Chi once again. At one time, years ago, I had most of form 24 down pretty well. It’s starting to come back. I like the way this instructor relates it to martial arts since I also have a black belt in Kung Fu.
It’s hard to weigh in on the ‘Pandemic’ since so much is apparently at stake. I definitely have my opinions and I’m confident there will be a day of reckoning when all this blows over.
I will share just two of my opinions on this, however.
One is, that if you find you have a lot of time on your hands, you should make the best use of it. If there’s that thing you said you would always like to do, if you just had more time, then you should do it. You get what I mean.
My other opinion about this is that, in this time, we need all of the superstars we can get and that, my friends, is all of you.
It’s man’s higher nature or whatever you want to call it.
One thing I’ve done, in my recent spare time, is to put my little EBook, ‘Being The Superstar You Truly Are,’ into its final form. Ironically this involved returning it to what it started out to be, which is simply a short collection of the lyrics that inspired me to become the musical artist that I am today.
The book went through a number of evolutions where I tried to explain what it was and how to do it but I realized the message is quite simple and the lyrics (from well known songs of past artists) tell it all.
I’ve been giving the book out for free. You don’t even have to sign-up for my mailing list. Of course, if you wanted to join my mailing list, that would be delightful and the capture box is right on the side of the website.
Meanwhile, if you want to check out ‘Being The Superstar You Truly Are,’ just click here; Being The Superstar You Truly Are.

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