Monday, December 7, 2020

'Meditation' From The Opera 'Thais' On A 200 Year Old Violin

This is a video I made of me playing the ‘Meditation’ from the opera ‘Thais’ by Massenet on a my 200 year old Carcassi violin.

Here’s some interesting facts about violins;
A good violin will improve with age. A violin that’s made by a reputable violin maker will double in value about every five years. It’s the older violins that may be the best and most valuable. So it’s not like, “get a job and maybe you will be able to afford a new one!” (lol!).
One thing; for a violin to improve in quality, it must be played. This is why museums  that keep Stradivarius violins hire violinists to come and play them on a regular basis.  
The violin I’m playing in the video is an Italian violin made by Carcassi in the early 1700’s. It’s current value is around $35,000.00.   

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