Friday, September 15, 2023

Why 'Modern Pop Music?'

Why ‘Modern Pop Music,’ you ask. One might even say this was a bit of a redundant name for a music genre, but no; you can’t take descriptive terms such as modern and pop at face value, when you are discussing music genres.

Take the term ‘pop,’ for example. At face value you might consider that this meant ‘popular’ or ‘current.’

In actuality it doesn’t necessarily have to mean either of these. If you survey quite a number of songs in this genre, you find that we are talking about a very specific type and style of music.

Same goes for the term ‘modern.’ I have previously written articles about music that is called ‘modern’ which is fifty to a hundred years old. This again, is a very specific genre of music.

Now add to this confusion the fact that music genres apparently multiply faster than rabbits these days and it becomes a bit difficult to keep up.

It’s like the Monty Python movie, The Life of Brian; in desperation Brian tells his followers to think for themselves, hoping they’ll start doing that and then leave him alone. 

What happens, however, is they all start chanting ‘think for yourself!’

No sooner was the Minimalism Manifesto published saying that music really wasn’t evolving into a perfect form, regardless of what the past Moderns were saying, than a ‘school of Minimalism’ was born.

There are about a half dozen different ‘pop’ genres, like ‘ice pop’ and ‘Ska pop,’ etc.

So I say, if you have something that doesn’t really fit into any existing category, why not just make up your own genre but why not use existing terms that are familiar to people so you can plug into a larger variety of styles? 

So this is ‘modern pop music,’ music that has pop elements but has been modernized by the miracle of a wider scope of music.


Dizzy O’Brian 9/15/23

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