Thursday, July 30, 2015

Music Videos From Dizzy O'Brian

      See the latest music videos from Dizzy O’Brian on his YouTube Channel.  There are currently several new music videos for you to watch and enjoy;
These videos offer a sampling from the three latest albums; Charm City, Tea with the Alien and 4 Good Measure. Dizzy O’Brian is a musical artist who works in a fusion of musical styles, freely melding pop and classical genres together. Charm City, the first album, is a collection of very pop oriented instrumental tracks that has attracted thousands of fans on the Internet. “Rhapsody in Black” is the most popular of these tracks. This is probably one of the most traditionally jazz oriented tracks, featuring Dizzy’s jazz piano stylings and jazz band.
 “A Dragon” is also very jazz-like, with jazz flute being featured but this one has a distinctly exotic and Latin feel.
“Sailing” is a good-time tune, featuring rock guitar and saxophone, inspired by days of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. ‘Charm City’ is, of course, a reference to Baltimore, where Dizzy spent his younger days in music school and playing in clubs. His experiences in Baltimore were unique as the city itself but also quite universal, so it can be up to the listener to discover how the musical trip relates to him or herself.
“The Dimensional Badinage” is from the album Tea with the Alien, a very abstract collection of more orchestral sounding tracks but still mixing in modern elements of drums and electric guitars.
“Kosmic Rain” is from the album 4 Good Measure which is a return to the more pop oriented sounds of Charm City created from the request for more of this from the fans. This album, however, is more pop rock oriented and features electric guitar much more. It uses the distinctive sound of a duo of electric guitars in a number of the tracks. “Kosmic Rain” is one of the more relaxed numbers from this album of mostly upbeat tracks, so enjoy these music videos.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Get An MP3 Song Download Of Rhapsody In Black

Sign-up for Dizzy’s Fan Mail and get a free mp3 song download of "Breakout No.2,” one of Dizzy O’Brian’s most popular instrumental tracks. It has received over a thousand likes on music sites. This track features jazz piano and band and is a very up-tempo tune.
Dizzy O’Brian is a fusion composer who melds pop and classical elements seamlessly into a new musical genre that is attracting thousands of fans across the net. For more information on how he became the unique musical artist that he is today, check out his article;
listen to music by Dizzy O’Brian.
As a subscriber to Dizzy’s Fan Mail, priority previews of upcoming materials and free downloads. You will be the first to find out about all his musical activities with behind the scenes looks.
Meanwhile, you will want to get familiar with the music from Dizzy’s first three albums;
  • ·      Charm City. This album contains Rhapsody in Black and many other pop/fusion instrumental tracks. Charm City refers, of course, to Baltimore, where Dizzy went to music school and played in the clubs there. There were many strange and curious times. One track, however, was written when Dizzy was a teenager.
  • ·      Tea with the Alien. This is an album of very abstract and descriptive music, as the title suggests. Despite its very abstract quality, some of the tracks have been consistently been at the top of the charts different music sites.
  • ·      4 Good Measure. The new album release, which pushes the envelope on the pop/classical fusion style of Charm City. Released in response to the feedback on Charm City and the demand for more of the same.

 Fans have said the music is addicting and they listen to it over and over and recommend it to their friends. If you haven’t yet, you should listen to music by Dizzy O’Brian and you can start right here by getting a free mp3 download when you sign-up for Dizzy’s Fan Mail.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Download Music MP3

The music business has changed since the advent of the Internet, where you can download music mp3. The record companies have tried their best to scare people out of this practice. They have even taken people to court, claiming they are protecting the rights of the artists to collect their royalties.
Of course, the record companies only interests have been in their own greed, which is substantial to say the least. When a musical artist signs a contract with a label, they record in that companies studios, using that companies record producers. This runs up an incredible bill for the artist or band and this all comes back out of the royalties first. This means the artist or band collects no money until they pay back the record company. The record company is getting not only the revenue from the record sales but also the artist’s ten or fifteen percent royalty.

According to the book Making Money Making Music: No Matter Where You Live by James Dearing, a group or artist who had a contract with a major label and whose records went platinum would only go into debt to their label about fifty thousand dollars! This is somewhat older information, so it’s probably much worse by now.
Now, the artist or band has a contract with the label and this label has every legal right to collect its money and not get bypassed when people download music mp3 and don’t pay for it.
In his book, Mr. Dearing suggests right on down the line that artists and bands cut out the middlemen, i.e., the labels and agents. This is exactly what has been going on, of course; un-signed artists have been recording and distributing their own material for perfectly good reasons.

That means that, when you download music mp3 from indie artists or un-signed bands, the money is going right to the artist or band as it should. And you should pay when you download music mp3 to support this new business model if you want to have a freedom of choice about the music you listen to because the big labels are certainly not going to give that to you.
Get Dizzy

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where To Find Music Online

It’s fortunate that we now have the Internet since; if you want to find really new music, you pretty much have to look for music online. The record companies gave up taking any chances on something new years ago, giving the really original bands and artists the only option of making it on the Internet.
Here are just a few of the places that are good for finding music online.
  • ·      ReverbNation; This site has been around for quite a long time and still going strong. As a listener, you can get a free account and start adding bands you like to your favorites and listening to them on your ReverbNation Radio. There are bands from all different genre from all around the world. They are, of course ranked within their different genre according to how listeners vote.
  • ·      SoundCloud; Perhaps the biggest contender in music online. You will find even signed artists here. Again, you like or vote for tracks and they get ranked. You can find quite a lot of Indie stuff here but I don’t think the Indie selection is as good as ReverbNation.
  • ·      Jango; This is online radio. The musical artists can buy ‘plays’ and get their music circulated and you can ‘fan’ the ones that you like. I think the strong point about this one, from a listener standpoint is it will show you similar ‘stations’ to the ones that you like.
  • ·      Number One Music; this one is kind of new but seems to be gaining momentum. Again, you get a player and add the artists you like. You will find quite a lot of unique un-signed material here.
 If you like really new music, it may take a bit of digging around in any one site but it can certainly be worth it. Just because a band is ranked up top does not necessarily mean it’s the best; bands have ways of stacking the stats in their favor. But the beauty of it is; it’s your opinion that matters. It’s time to take this whole business of what’s good music online out of the hands of ‘authorities,’ be they music critics or even your friends and put it back where it belongs; with you.