Sunday, December 27, 2020

Within City Limits One Of The Best Podcasts On Spotify

If you like to listen to podcasts and would like information about podcasts to listen to, check out the following information about a podcast called Within City Limits, created by Guillermo Delgado.

Guillermo Delgado hosts and produces a podcast promoting and discussing music in Austin Tx. It’s very new and very up and coming. 

The podcast is called Within City Limits, and can be found on Spotify and other popular platforms. Every episode features local Austin musicians for an interview and a general music discussion. Its aim is to strengthen the musical community and keep live music alive however we can this year!

It is certainly one of the best podcasts on Spotify and one of the best podcasts to listen to! Here are a couple of examples;

Episode 10 was with Emay Holmes. He is a veteran with a great voice who found success in the Navy culture after writing his original guitar ballad “Deployment Song.” He now lives in Austin, performing when he can, and advancing his musical journey.

Christine Rener, who was interviewed in episode 11, grew up in the Austin area watching her dad play in bands and going to see rock shows with him. She is now a gifted songwriter with a great team behind her, both on stage and in the studio.

Guillermo is a Public school teacher and Radio host in Austin Tx. He produces and records this podcast at home, independently. 

His motto is “Support music, support people!”

Certainly, in these times especially, we all need more people like Guillermo but especially musicians and other artists. This last year has hit the arts very hard, as I’m sure everyone knows and efforts such as this should be supported and it is one of the good podcasts to listen to. You can find it here on these platforms;


Other platforms;

Twitter; @wclpod


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

My Baby Wears Yellow Boots

  Music in the Gypsy Tradition.

This traditional Gypsy tune was recorded live in studio with Dizzy O'Brian on violin and two others on guitar and mandolin.