Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Avalon Omega ‘Had It All’

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Summary: Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Avalon Omega is releasing a new single ‘Had It All’ February 22, 2022 - out today. The single will have an accompanying music video release.

Biography: Tiny yet tremendous, the youthful electro-groove thrill brat Avalon Omega is a dramatically self-possessed artist. This de๏ฌantly untamed soul works an exhilarating brand of shiny rap-crackle-pop, one that's infused with the gaudy color and atmosphere of a wildly charged creative vision unique to herself. The Omega sound skips and skitters across the cerebellum, ๏ฌ‚inging generous handfuls of break-beat glitter and techno fairy dust that burst into shimmering clouds of aural extravagance. The effect is nigh on mesmerizing. This Atwater avatar of cool's kinetic presentation, taken with her

star-spangled high guttersnipe wardrobe and such original delicacies as "Outer Space Girl" and "Two Twenty Two," collide with emphatic, refreshing results. Fine, reckless fun.

Track Info: Los Angeles based singer songwriter Avalon Omega will be releasing a new single called ‘Had It All’ due for release February 22, 2022. This is a follow up to her high energy pop anthem ‘Works For Me’ released in May 2021. The inspiration for her upcoming single is genuine emotion where she gets in touch with her heart and sings about a lost love.

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