Saturday, January 25, 2020

AI Generated Music

AI Generated Music

You hear a lot about music being created by Artificial Intelligence these days. I recently posted an article about how they were going to have an AI finish Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony. For those who don’t know, he published nine symphonies and there are apparently notes for a tenth.
You have to wonder if people are really serious. I mean it’s not like we don’t have enough artificial intelligence as it is.
I suppose artificially generated pop music is the music business’ big dream. They can finally eliminate the middleman, the artist who is just always getting between them and their product. Let’s face it; the artist is just such a liability to the music business what with all the neurosis, drugs and demanding to be paid all the time.
They’ve gone from signing new bands to creating acts, so they may as well go the next step and eliminate the artist.
But let’s take a closer look here. What’s the difference between artificial intelligence and the real organic stuff? The only difference is that artificial intelligence needs programing to function.
But wait, isn’t that the problem with most intelligence on the planet? It requires programing and has gotten programed, in fact. So the intelligence that programs artificial intelligence has itself been programed.
Most of our art, news and culture is indeed the product of artificial intelligence. It needs programing to function and has, indeed, been programmed.
There is apparently not much of the good old organic self-programming intelligence around on this planet, which may explain a great deal about it.
No wonder this idea of AI generated music has appeared and no one questions it.
The question is; who are the original programmers? This artificial intelligence has obviously been around for a long time, otherwise people would be questioning it and, like they say, ‘garbage in, garbage out.’


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