Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where To Find Music Online

It’s fortunate that we now have the Internet since; if you want to find really new music, you pretty much have to look for music online. The record companies gave up taking any chances on something new years ago, giving the really original bands and artists the only option of making it on the Internet.
Here are just a few of the places that are good for finding music online.
  • ·      ReverbNation; This site has been around for quite a long time and still going strong. As a listener, you can get a free account and start adding bands you like to your favorites and listening to them on your ReverbNation Radio. There are bands from all different genre from all around the world. They are, of course ranked within their different genre according to how listeners vote.
  • ·      SoundCloud; Perhaps the biggest contender in music online. You will find even signed artists here. Again, you like or vote for tracks and they get ranked. You can find quite a lot of Indie stuff here but I don’t think the Indie selection is as good as ReverbNation.
  • ·      Jango; This is online radio. The musical artists can buy ‘plays’ and get their music circulated and you can ‘fan’ the ones that you like. I think the strong point about this one, from a listener standpoint is it will show you similar ‘stations’ to the ones that you like.
  • ·      Number One Music; this one is kind of new but seems to be gaining momentum. Again, you get a player and add the artists you like. You will find quite a lot of unique un-signed material here.
 If you like really new music, it may take a bit of digging around in any one site but it can certainly be worth it. Just because a band is ranked up top does not necessarily mean it’s the best; bands have ways of stacking the stats in their favor. But the beauty of it is; it’s your opinion that matters. It’s time to take this whole business of what’s good music online out of the hands of ‘authorities,’ be they music critics or even your friends and put it back where it belongs; with you.

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