Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Second Childhood

It’s official; I’ve begun my second childhood. Now, if I still had people I ‘hung with,’ especially any of those that I used to ‘hang with,’ they would be saying ‘well, it’s about time,’ or ‘I didn’t know he ever got out of his first one.’
Understand, however, I’m not talking about getting dementia and being incontinent. Let’s evolve a working definition of childhood here.
First of all, your average child has not been run down by life enough times yet and so they still have a native curiosity and enthusiasm for life. Simple things can excite and interest a child.
They are looking forward.
Looking forward to what?
Just looking forward to whatever new adventure life may bring.
They, of course have plans and ideas about things they want to do.
And age, what is age?
Age is simply an agreement with the rest of society that you’re done. You’re done doing things and you are simply looking forward to dying quietly in bed, if you are lucky. Age is an agreement to slow down, take it easy and be dignified.
There’s also a lot of baggage about loss that can be associated with age.
Well, I took a look at a lot of those relationships and things that I was trying so hard to hold onto and I realized that many of them were nowhere close to what I really wanted anyway.
So I set myself free of all of that and had a premature burial of The Old One.
So now there’s nothing stopping me from starting fresh and taking interest and having enthusiasm and looking forward to whatever is new and different.
And doing things.
What things?
Whatever strikes my fancy, thank you very much!

And if society disagrees with this, that’s their problem, not mine. I don’t want to hear about it.  

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