Sunday, December 1, 2019

Who Are You?

A song by The Who and a question asked of Alice by the caterpillar; ‘who are you?’ 
Most people answer by saying, well I’m Joe Blow or whatever name was given to them at birth.
So we are given an identity in the form of a name. We are more or less given a body with genetics that supposedly determine our physical characteristics. Beyond this, we are informed, educated as we grow up that we are human, we belong to a particular race and have a nationality. Our race and nationality have many more defining parameters that are added to our identity.
We can be informed that we are like different other people; family members, friends and other miscellaneous individuals in society. We are educated to have certain traits or behaviors acceptable in our society.
We can be given a purpose from our parents, usually or sometimes other older individuals and it can even go so far as to giving us a spouse not of our choosing.
It is the more rare individual that knows himself or herself well enough that they can decide their purpose in life.
Once in awhile a movement comes along that says we most certainly are none of the above. We are not a name, a number or any of these things that society has tacked on to us and said ‘this is who you are.’
It’s a movement to get back to whatever is real under all the false identity that is taken on while growing up in almost any society.
It says these identities are too cookie cutter alike, producing a society of clothing store dummies all false and shallow, unhappy that they are not being who they truly are.
True there is a lot of misidentifying going on, (to make a long story short.) We can write lots of papers about what’s underneath and where it might have come from.
Interesting to contemplate but it may just lead us down another rabbit hole where we could spend a lot of time and get lost possibly. And would it help anything?
I submit for your approval the idea that you are what you create yourself to be. I would divide the universe into two; that which creates and that which follows along, sort of trance like (or that which is created.)
Probably why it was a caterpillar who posed the question, someone that knew existence was all about change.   

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