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 My Life Online; The Culture Underground

Culture Underground

We have a couple definitions of the word ‘underground.’ The first is;

“A group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime.”

"I got involved with the French underground"

The next one is;

A group or movement seeking to explore alternative forms of lifestyle or artistic expression. (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

The next one is a bit more detailed;

“A genre in music and other forms of media intended for an elite audience, that is often characterized by its high levels of originality and experimentation, and does not conform to typical standards, trends, or hypes as set by the popular mainstream media.

The mainstream media has a tendency to steal new ideas from the underground.”

by Essix April 16, 2005


Obviously, referring to The Culture Underground, the last definition is the most applicable and also we’re not talking about ‘a group or movement organized secretly.’

However, resistance is part of it. We are resisting the dismantling of culture in general, especially in these United States. 

Naturally there have been other undergrounds, other movements before and I have sometimes referred to them as ‘counter-culture’ movements, such as the ‘beat/hippie’ movements of the fifties and sixties, but this is not protest.

These initially at inception had some good intentions and ideas. They were surrounded by trappings and identifiers that served, in the main, to separate the ‘true followers’ from the ‘establishment.’ The drugs were rites of passage that were intended to free people’s minds from ridgid, ritualized ways of thinking and make them more aware that there was more to life.

The new dress code served to identify conformers of the movement, however as is often the case, as time wore on, all that seemed to be left were the drugs and identifiers and boy did the suits jump on this to drill down their demographics. 

It would appear we are still in this phase and it is being pushed to the most extreme limits possible, assisted by the news media journalism with their fake profiles. All topics are open from satanic ritual abuse to white magic to junk art. 

Time we got back on track and started disseminating ideas that are helpful to the development of an individual. Join the Culture Underground on FaceBook. 

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