Sunday, July 11, 2021

My Recent Interview

 I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Aleah Fitzwater who is a musician, writer, artist and blogger from the midwest. She runs a blog called Blog: Fusion so, when she happened upon me while surfing the internet she thought I would be a great fit since I happen to be a classical pop fusion music composer. She is also a fusion artist, arranging pop-punk songs for flute choir. Flute is one of her main instruments and she says that most people find arranging pop-punk songs for flute choir a little strange. Obviously I don't, although I admit how surprised I was when she contacted me and I found out how many similarities we have as artists.

Working in the fusion of classical and pop music elements, you often feel you are alone on a wide-open frontier.The nice thing about it, of course, is it tends to hit across many musical genres, as far as listeners are concerned.

I was also surprised to hear how similar our formative experiences in this were, that is to say we were both immersed in a highly traditional classical music environment which caused us to crave an expansion of musical genres that we listen to and work with. I even learned that she will be recording a flute work by a friend of hers that was inspired by Aleister Crowley.

Anyway I enjoyed the interview, I got to talk about the stories behind particular music tracks and some of my experiences in music school. Her blog is very worthwhile to check out as she does art and photography as well so there are many interesting articles and images there. 

Be sure to check out this interesting musical artist’s blog (the link is above) and, of course, please check out my interview which can be found here; Interview With Dizzy O'Brian

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