Thursday, January 18, 2024

Artist Spotlight| Michael Moore

Michael Evan Moore is an artist born and raised in the Los Angeles Area. He has had an interest in music and film since his early childhood. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in music composition, he received further education from UCLA in Film Scoring. 

Having developed a strong familiarity with orchestration and audio engineering, he has composed professionally for directors and produced for other artists throughout his career. Some of his most notable orchestrations were recorded at renowned studios in Los Angeles such as East West and The Village.

His debut single, “The Unknown” released in 2018, captures the essence of life’s unknown nature, being unpredictable, and absolutely subject to change.

His most popular single, “Memories” released in 2021 is a journey through the past, present, and future. This song is dedicated to his late grandmother who left a lasting impact on his life and family. 

“Waves”, released in 2022, depicts the high and low tides of life. In this song, he weds the melody of the cello to the harmonic progression of the underlying piano. 

His newest single, “Snowfall” encapsulates bringing light and warmth to the dark world that we live in. Michael Evan Moore hopes to illustrate his life’s stories and also capture the stories of others through his music.

Michael Evan Moore - Snowfall

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