Friday, September 28, 2018

New Music Now

There has always been new music; in the sixteen hundreds, composers like J.S. Bach wrote new music and, later, Beethoven wrote new music and still later, The Beatles gave us new music. Of course there were many, many others. But what about new music now? Some people think of new music in terms of their favorite groups releasing the next album, which is all well and good. Some people, however, are wondering where is the new music now? They ask when music will change and 'something different' will come along. These people know there hasn't been a lot of new music now. Why is this, they ask? Well, some of it has to do with the music business. As time goes on, people in the music business are less willing to take chances so they 'bet on a sure thing.' In other words, the survey what has sold a lot and push whatever that is. This creates quite a stutter effect until things actually slow down quite a lot. The record companies promote a group that they have put together and rely on hype alone to make people believe that this is the next new thing. Actually people know how this works and this is why the record companies are failing. The average person is a much better judge of good music that a record exec. So this is a good thing about having the internet. People can look about and find what they like instead of being offered a very restricted number of choices. This is one thing that is needed to help in salvaging our culture and art; people being able to make their own opinions about things without relying on so called 'authorities.' The 'authorities' are usually pushing something.
Dizzy O'Brian

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