Wednesday, October 24, 2018

300 Words Or Less

These days, everybody is beating the drum. They beat it here, they beat it there, they beat it for everything. Mostly, they’re beating the drum for war.
Man, what is it about that drum that makes everybody want to fall in line all zombie like? Do they never think to call the cops and say, man, there’s someone disturbing the peace around here!
They beat the drum in the news. They beat the drum for corrupt politicians and they beat the drum for a new car. A man goes into a restaurant to have a bowl of soup and read his paper and he says waiter, there’s a drum in my paper.
They beat the drum on the radio. They beat the drum for hair implants and car insurance. A man buys a new car and takes it back because the radio is broke; it only plays stations with drums.
Some say you should follow the beat of a different drummer. Once, when I was in youth orchestra we were rehearsing a Tchaikovsky Symphony and, right before the waltz, the conductor remarked that most waltzes are in 4/4 time but this one was in 5/4 time and that was because Tchaikovsky followed the beat of a different drummer. You can find out more about Tchaikovsky and what kind of different drummer he was following here.

Hell, I say follow the beat of your own drummer and beat the drum about who you are.

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