Sunday, October 21, 2018

You Are The Composer Of Your Own Life

This is the most difficult thing of all to confront; you and you alone are responsible for whatever is going on in your life. Many people may feel they are in a difficult situation that is not one of their choosing.
They may say, Oh, so and so talked me in to it, or I did it for the sake of my mother but underlying all this is an agreement they made.
So you don’t have all these people to blame for whatever is going on or whatever decisions you made. You are the only one who can make the decisions for you.
For the majority of people it’s as if they have a chorus of people in their head, invalidating them, evaluating their thoughts and passing judgment on the kind of thoughts they think.
“I shouldn’t think better of myself,” what would others think? What others? Sure, if you go around and tell others of your plans and dreams, you’re liable to get a verbal slap down. But the question is, why are you seeking the approval and permission of others to think how you want?
The good news is; you and you alone are responsible for whatever is going on in your life.
You don’t have to listen to this chorus of naysayers in your head. You can free associate, if you like and stop worrying about whether that makes you crazy or not. I mean, look at society. This is where you’re getting your concept of sanity? Is the pressure to think like everyone else a sane thing or just a fearsome barrier?

So you can stop worrying about what the neighbors will say and your mother who says that will lead to disaster and you can think and dream how you will.

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