Sunday, May 19, 2019

Reconnaissance Report From The Yellow Submarine

Reconnaissance Report From The

Yellow Submarine


Classified; For your eyes only
This is a follow-up report on Admiral Lennon’s final communication that new Blue Meanies were sighted in the vicinity of Pepperland despite their being rousted out by Admiral Lennon and his crew on the first expedition.
After an extensive search in the area south of Atlantis, we located Pepperland and infiltrated. We found the population in a state of extreme suppression and decided to investigate.
Disguising ourselves as locals, we dispersed and attempted to mingle with the citizenry in hopes of obtaining some useful information. The average citizen was difficult to approach and communicate with.
We attributed this to the small devices that they all clutched in their hands. They sat on buses or walked about with their heads down, in unbroken attention to whatever they were looking at in these devices.
It was difficult if not impossible in some cases to get their attention at all.
They would occasionally look up but soon retreated back into their devices.
We examined their media and found the first signs of the return of the Blue Meanies. The Blue Meanies had taken over their media and were controlling them by bombarding them with data that was invalidating and suppressive; continual stories of disasters and unfortunate events, deaths and wars.
There were manufactured authorities that did their thinking for them and they all seemed to have become downtrodden and incapable of independent thought.
We became fearful ourselves and cast our devices away least we became absorbed into the hive of mindless Cretans. As soon as we did this, the Blue Meanies showed themselves and gave pursuit.
We ran back to the submarine and just made our escape before nearly being flattened by some giant fists.
We recommend an immediate assault on Pepperland of high toned music and affinity.      


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