Sunday, July 7, 2019

Deciding Makes It So

Well, I’ve written a lot about how everyone is connected to source. That is how everyone has his or her own muse, so to speak. In my blog post regarding muses, I wrote about how muses, or gods, goddesses, were personifications of natural forces. This was back in the times of ancient Rome and Greece and on and on, before that.
I wrote about how the people in these cultures would align themselves with the qualities that a particular god might possess in order to ‘invoke’ or ‘call’ that god so that they would be imbued by that god’s ‘spirit’ and receive answers to their questions and prayers.
Yes, often this involved drugs, dancing and incense, to say the least.
Suppose, for the sake of argument, that everyone had some portion of their mind that was all knowing; it had all the answers and was capable of brilliant creativity among other things.
Suppose this was how beings had started out, only they became so bored with knowing everything all the time, they made a decision to be a lot less knowing.
Would create an interesting game, perhaps, and, perhaps there would start to be a heck of a lot of other decisions being made, kind of becoming less and less educated sorts of decisions until, viola!, you have a reality that’s based largely on what other people say is real.
Before you know it, you are being limited by what others say you can or can’t do; friends, parents, teachers, television, you name it.
Is that voice in your head that tells you you can’t do something really your own?
What happens when you decide to reach for something more? Does a chorus of neighbors and family members show up inside your head and tell you it can’t be done or you don’t deserve it and you’re evil for even thinking such a thing?
I’m pretty sure that’s what goes on?
What needs to be done about this?

Just decide not to listen? Just decide to master your own thoughts? Could it all be as simple as that?

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