Sunday, July 21, 2019

Dreams Never Die

Dreams don’t die. Difficult to prove but I am, nevertheless, convinced of this reality. This is what makes our existence difficult. It would be easier if dreams did die and we could be rid of them but they don’t. We live in the sure and constant danger that they could return at any time.
I’m not talking about the run of the mill dream state of our ‘normal’ existence. The question of whether you are a person dreaming you are a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming you are a person is really a moot point. The question here is what reality serves you better? And will you wake up from the dream and make a decision about it.
The dreams I’m talking about are those dreams that we don’t know where they come from; the really spectacular, magical dreams, the dreams of creation and mystery.
I believe everybody has these, you see, whether they know it or not and, as they grow up and become logical, normal adults, they try to ignore these dreams.
These dreams are classified by society as ‘fantasy.’ Fancy something as temporal and transparent as society calling something else unreal.
People who speak of these dreams too long into adulthood are labeled ‘dreamers,’ people who are out of touch with reality. They are shunned and invalidated until they start to ignore these dreams, perhaps thinking the dreams are gone but they aren’t.
They know the dreams are still there.
Perhaps the dreams are sent to an island where forgotten dreams live but I think people become skilled at not seeing things that are plainly in front of their eyes. I mean, this is rather obvious, if you look at it. Just look at the news. It’s full of things that are supposed to be the cause of our problems but they aren’t.

As I said, it would all be well and good if these dreams just went away but I wouldn’t put money on that.

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